The Stock Market Is Not The Place To Gamble!

For several weeks now the stock markets have been in a very good shape right around the globe which must be a very soothing feeling especially for those that are still licking their wounds having to cope with losses.

But there’s a flip side to this positive global atmosphere. And that side is pretty dark especially for newbies. What I mean is that more than ever people are being bombarded with investment recommendations that resemble gambling more than anything else! These stock recommendations have absolutely nothing to do with a serious and thoughtful investment.

Not only several renowned newsletters are trying to draw investors into buying stocks that will allegedly double and tipple within days, but also spam emails are infesting the inboxes of many email accounts. I get hundreds of these emails every week that promise profits that are from another galaxy and beyond our imagination.

These newsletters and email spams recommend stocks that most of us have never even heard of.and in many cases we don’t even know how to pronounce the company’s name.

It makes my stomach turn when I read the recommendations of these “carnival barkers” because I know that, unfortunately, they will find common ground with a lot of beginners.

Attracted by the possibility (no matter how minute) of fast and huge profits, they will even charge at stocks that only cost a few cents – so called penny stocks – believing that one can’t lose much with these cheap stocks. WRONG!!! That’s a fallacy!

If a 10 cent stock drops to 1 cent it’s still a 90% loss no matter what! And that can happen easily! It sometimes goes faster than one expects because more often than not some dubious organisation is manipulating these kind of stocks. They buy them dirt cheap and then create a hype hoping and expecting that many investors will buy these allegedly “highly profitable” stocks not wanting to miss the boat.

And there are enough buyers that will fall for these tricks. This will then cause the stock price to go up and up, and as more people see this stock rise and shine even more will buy in fear of missing their big and fat chance, making the stock go up even further.

OK. Now this obviously sound good. That’s what we’re looking for. A rising stock. But before you know it, these shady organisations then sell these stocks as fast as possible cashing in the big bucks. This sell-off will cause the stock to drop significantly and before you catch wind of it your stock is basically worthless and your money is gone.

Very few OTC stocks are successful in making the jump from this market to the NASDAQ, NYSE or any other major exchange due to their INABILITY to meet the listing requirements of the major exchanges.

These kind of securities are very risky because there’s no controlling body or organisation like the SEC which oversees the securities industry and promotes full disclosure in order to protect the investing public against malpractices. That’s why you should be very wary of OTC stocks because they are either penny stocks or hold bad credit records.

I will never understand what makes people invest thousands of bucks in Siberian uranium mines, Chinese energy stocks or even an Australian internet casino. Yes! You read correctly! You’ll be surprised what investments people come with.

And the same people will spend weeks and months paging through brochures and magazines when it comes to buying a new car or the latest plasma TV set. They’ll make comparisons, they’ll ask friends and relatives and go through all kinds of troubles just to get the real deal.

So why don’t they apply the same scrutiny when it comes to investing thousands of bucks in the stock market instead of using hunches and guess work rather than the brain???

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Las Vegas – Way Beyond Gambling

It’s easy to think of Las Vegas only as the place where you go to become separated from your money, and although it is easy enough to do that, there is so much to do for those who do not enjoy gambling. Non-gamblers may be reluctant to admit it, but Las Vegas has a world of wonderful things to do besides gambling.

Many people, when asked what an ideal vacation would consist of, would mention things like resort hotels, sightseeing, lying out by a beautiful luxurious swimming pool, great restaurants, shopping and entertainment, not to mention dancing and nightclubs.

Well, excluding the gambling, you just described Las Vegas. Even outdoor types can find some great activities with places like Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and even the Grand Canyon not too far away. There’s world-class golf, skiing, hiking, boating and fishing.

Personally, I love the food. With all of the themed casino hotels from around the world, and the world-class chefs, not to mention the $1.99 shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate Casino, oh and I can’t leave out the endless parade of buffets, it’s a food lover’s paradise. Whenever I’m in Vegas, I pick the buffets that I’m going to indulge in as part of my Las Vegas experience. For instance, if one day I want to eat really good and really cheap, I might start with the $5.95 breakfast buffet at the Palms, showing up at 10:00 or 10:30 so I can get in on the lunch buffet as well for no extra charge. Then, when I finally get hungry later on in the evening, I’ll go to the Slots-A- Fun on the strip for a giant 99 cent hotdog.

Las Vegas also is known for the entertainment, but many people don’t go beyond the big headliners to discover the world of affordable but top notch performers and entertainers that abound in Las Vegas. For instance, there’s the afternoon Mac King comedy show at Harrah’s Casino which is sure to delight the kids as well as the grown-ups, and is a bargain at 25 bucks. If you love magic by the way, Las Vegas is the town for you.

US Government’s Problem with Gambling

The recent arrest of David Carruthers, the CEO of BetOnSports in Dallas Texas while changing planes on his way to Costa Rica by US authorities raises some serious questions between gamblers who use offshore sportsbooks, and professional gaming advisors who recommend offshore books like myself. This happened on Sunday the 16th of July, and not only shut down a series of sportsbooks owned by his organization, it prompted the highly touted Bo Dog Sports and Gaming Convention to be cancelled in Las Vegas, which I was attending the following week. Oh how Uncle Sam loves to stick his nose into something that he does not control, simply because the US Government has no way to tax proceeds coming into the States from offshore books and Poker rooms, that is the KEY in this entire scenario, have NO doubts about it.

There were 10 others arrested under “conspiracy to take money on sports bets.” To my knowledge, and research, Mr. Carruthers is not a US citizen, and he is the highest profile arrested, as I cannot speak of the citizenship of the other 10 arrested parties. There was also charges against the advertising of his books and gamming properties in the United States by a federal grand jury. This raises serious concerns for many of us in the industry as a whole, and to sports bettors whose accounts are currently frozen, tied up in legal proceedings for the long term I would assume with this situation.

The bottom line is simple here. The US Government who has more than enough problems on their hands, driving the economy into the ground, escalating gas prices, a War in Iraq costing billions daily, not to mention American lives, and they have no business digging another hole that will cause more harm than good. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars will it take to prosecute a non-US citizen with an industry with more money and backing than most small 3rd world countries fighting them?

The US Government turns a blind eye to gambling when it benefits them. Revenues from State and National lotteries in the tens of millions of dollars, revenues from the State of Nevada and Atlantic City in the tens of millions of dollars. All of a sudden, they realize that they are missing the boat on a multi-billion dollar gambling industry offshore, fueled by Americans for the most part, so instead of devising a way to work with authorities offshore to track and tax winnings coming into the states as unclaimed income, to get their piece of the pie, they’ll just call them criminals and arrest them. Another colossal blunder by a government fueled on greed and corruption at the highest levels. Go do some good in world, feed the homeless, give the VA hospitals the money you would use to fight this trumped up charge to help war veterans in a war we should have been out of months ago.

Am a patriotic? Hell yes I am, however infringements on the rights of individual US citizens who CHOOSE to gamble offshore in a country where it is licensed and legal to gamble in no way is the government’s business in my opinion. Even worse, to arrest a non-US citizen, who is a CEO of an international company, on the stock exchange in London, is an extreme measure by right winged policies that need to be changed. Did you know it is legal to call a bookie and bet $100 on the Packers? You cannot get arrested for that, BUT the guy taking the bet can get arrested. When that same guy calls an offshore sportsbook to make the same bet, it is LEGAL for that book to take that bet as action, since that book is offshore and licensed and regulated by the government of that country to do so. A fine line that needs to be determined, and this case may very well affect the way things are dome in the near future.

Have NO doubts, gambling on sports drives ALL sports in this country with TV ratings, Direct TV sales, Las Vegas Sportsbooks, and many other tangible items to numerous to mention. I suggest a call to arms in the fight to eliminate offshore books, Poker Rooms, and casino’s by the US Government. I have contacted all my State Senators and Congressmen, and I suggest you all do the same to address this very important issue and right we all have in jeopardy.

Is Asia A New Horizon Of The Poker

The poker game has been a part of card games competitions for more than two hundred years already. Undoubtedly, poker has charmed the majority of the planet, starting from poker rooms on river boats and in bars on the Wild West in the past and up to modern card rooms with a huge amount of tables and luxurious casinos all over the world. Be it the USA, Europe or even Latin and South America, poker has become a super popular game of the 21st century. But even now there is a “new horizon”, which will be actively conquered in the forthcoming years, in order to move poker to the new stage of its popularity among dozens of millions of new players.

This “new horizon” is a continental Asia. One billion people lives in China, one more billion is the population of India, and one more billion is spread over the remaining part of the continent. Considering such an amount of potential poker players, this market is a “gold vein” for organizers of the game. Only recently this horizon started to be developed (with or without the assistance of local governments). The new horizon can become the last one for poker, meaning that it will completely conquer the whole world. Organizers of poker assure that by the end of 2007 many Asians understand perfectly well what is “blind”, “turn” and “river”.

For a long time on-line companies have been interested in the possibility of entering Asian markets (particularly, Chinese market), but governments of Asian countries prevent on-line or traditional gambling industry from full-scale development. The government of India, for example, does not actively support the idea of the gambling industry (though there are six casinos in this country). China, which will host international Olympic games-2008, the government gradually weakens the control over the Internet. This is very good news for the representatives of the gambling industry, who have already prepared to launch a large-scale acquaintance of Asia with poker.

Steve Wynn, the owner of hotels and casinos all over the world, is ready to bring his brilliant and glamorous style to the Asian market. “Wynn Macau”, the complex of casinos and hotels, was opened on September 5 in Macao. It familiarizes the Asian continent with the luxury of Las-Vegas. It includes hotels of 600 rooms and casinos, which undoubtedly offer gambling and poker games, just like the other Steve Wynn’s institutions do all over the world. The 20-storeyed hotel will be an exact copy of the hotel-casino “Wynn Las Vegas”. The company plans to arrange further spreading of table games throughout the continent.

TV has also brought poker tournaments onto the Asian market. The most popular world poker tournament (World Poker Tour or WPT) has recently granted a license to TV stations in Macao and Singapore for them to show the first season of WPT games to the Asian audience. But the continent is getting ready to organize its own outstanding poker tournaments. The organization entitled “PanAsia Poker Tour” has recently declared that the debut of this new championship will take place in November, and it is for the first time in history that the official championship will take place in Manila, Philippines.

The event called “PAPT Philippine Open” will take place on November 3-5 in “Airport Casino Filipino”. Its final tournament will incorporate free Texas holdem poker game with the prize fund of $2500. It is expected that the tournament, which got the official permission of Philippines State Corporation for Control over entertaining and gambling industry (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR), will attract celebrities and professional poker players who would attempt to win the title of the tournament champion. There are plans to film this tournament to be shown in the future on Asian TV. This means that the spectators of the Asian continent want to watch games, which are played on their own land.

However, the poker tournament entitled “PanAsia” does not stop at arranging one event. Leaders of this organization have adopted plans to arrange in 2007 a tour across the continent with ten stops. The latter are planned in Macao, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. If the tour appears to be successful, it will be able to attract millions of new poker players to the poker community.

India is also a part of Asia; the world outlook of Indians in many aspects reflects the peculiarities of Asian or even Eastern philosophy. Gambling games and casinos in the Indian society are usually condemned (though many Indians want to change this), while poker sites, which are not prohibited here, encounter difficulties in spreading deeper into the continent. It is interesting that some activities of the on-line poker companies take place particularly in India. For example, the company “PartyPoker” has a branch office there with 900 employees, the company pays taxes here, as well as in Gibraltar, where its headquarters are located. Nevertheless, India will be able to display its real interest to poker during the first tournament in the history of this country, which will take place in 2007.

Asian poker championship in India – Asian Poker Classic – with the guaranteed prize of one million dollars will take place on March 1-3, 2007, in a major resort Goa (Grand Resort Goa) in the hotel “Intercontinental”. It is expected that more than two hundred players will take part in the tournament. The admission fee being $7500, this competition is to attract some of the best poker players from all over the world and many celebrities. Its organizers hope that the poker site (and the tournament sponsor) “Maharajah Club” that has earned a reputation a long ago will help to attract many players to this competition.

Perhaps, the organizers themselves will give the best account of the tournament. This is what the tournament director and the respected director of the championship “European poker tournament” (European Poker Tour) Thomas Kremser said about the event. “Nothing similar has ever happened in India before. Undoubtedly, the tournament will be impressive. The striking beauty of the Goa resort, splendid hotels and absolutely unique character of this tournament will become its unsurpassed scenery. It will be the poker tournament of the year!”

Asian poker players have already inscribed their names into the history of the game. From Johnny Chan to Men “The Master” Nguyen and Can Kim Hua, Asian players made their contribution to the game, and today their impact is felt in any tournament. Upon arriving onto the Asian continent, poker will conquer the new and the last geographic horizon and give birth to a new generation of champions from Asia.

Different Types of Gambling Today

Bugsy Siegel would be in heaven today.

That’s not to say the notorious mobster who was gunned down in 1947 and would go on to inspire a Warren Beatty film decades later would face better odds of eternal grace were he to ply his nefarious trades in the modern era. But consider that when Siegel built the first casino in Las Vegas just prior to his death, he did so on a largely barren patch of desert. Today, mass development of Sin City is a reality, and Siegel would have boundless options for gaming.

All the different types of gambling today go beyond casinos, well beyond in fact. Here are a few of the places that gambling is currently happening:

Casinos: Of course gambling still occurs in casinos. It just is about more than Las Vegas or Atlantic City or Monte Carlo in the modern era. Casinos in Minnesota exist today, as they do in Northern California and beyond, anywhere that Indian gaming is legal, really. A casino is no longer simply about circus glitz, tigers on display, and stifling desert heat. A casino can be a few slot machines or poker table, or it can be Vegas in South Dakota (which is happening more and more, since tribes and Vegas interests alike have recognized the potential for big business.)

Online: There’s another alternative to Vegas or the Indian gaming ground. Today, one’s living room can be the casino, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Online gambling can be lucrative as well. A college roommate of this author used $20 he received as a gift to start an account on a poker site. He played prodigiously, strategically, sometimes betting under a woman’s name so that people would feel more tempted to raise the ante on him. In time, it worked to great effect– he made something like $10,000 in a short span, enough to buy a flashy motorcycle. This was the same guy who used to stay in on weekends to play Everquest on two computers at the same time. Finally, all that obsessiveness came to good use.

Horse track: Everyone who works at a horse track bets on the outcome of the races from concession stand ushers to newspaper reporters on hand to cover the action. Everyone. Why is this? In short, gambling at the horse track is fun. The bets often aren’t huge, maybe a few dollars on probably hopeless odds. Unless it’s a major track or race, say the Kentucky Derby, the names of the horses are about as familiar as what’s painted on the sloops at a Minnesota boat rental. Gambling at a horse race is simply about having fun, maybe killing $20 over the course of an afternoon on throwaway bets. It’s cheaper than going to the bars, and every once in awhile, those bets come up winners.

Office pool: As these words are being written, March Madness is being played somewhere, and somewhere, someone’s bracket is getting busted. Whoever comes out with the least damage can win some cash. Welcome to the most ubiquitous form of gambling in America.